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  1. Aerospace Technology
  2. Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing
  3. Distribution Product Conveying
  4. Customized Specialty Products
  5. Recent Projects Gallery


Aerospace Technology

A: Mobile Tail Enclosures

Completed Tail Enclosure MTENew Crane MTE

Stressing Sequences of MTE (PDF)

C: Overhead Cranes

5 Ton Gantry Crane5 Ton Under Running Bridge Crane5 Ton Top Running Crane

D: Hangar Door Modification

Door Track ReplacementPower Bar Replacement

E: Fall Protections Systems

F: Work Platforms


Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing

A: Overhead Cranes

Top Running CraneUnder Running Crane

B: Structural Steel

Ceiling Supported Crane Systems

C: Assembly Line Upgrades

Tracking Upgrades - Engine Delivery Tracking CraneCranes Relocating and Modifying - Cranes RelocatedChassis Flipping and Rotation - Posi-Turner System

D: Ergonomic Systems

Manipulators - Tire GrabManipulators - Arm manipulatorsManipulators - New Custom Load Fixture

E: Power and Free Conveyor

F: Load Testing and Safety Inspecting


Distribution Product Conveying

A: Gravity Conveyor

Floor Supported - Gravity Conveyor

B: Chain Driven Live Roller

Floor Supported - Chain Driven Live Roller

C: Belt Conveyor

Floor Supported - Belt Conveyor

D: Product Storage Rack

Floor Supported - Product Storage Rack


Customized Specialty Products

A: Custom Carts

B: Transfer Carts

C: Mezzanines

D: Paint Booths

Col-Met Spray Paint Booth for Aviation Components


Recent Projects Gallery

Crane and Hoist Relocations at Fork Lift Manufacturing Plant

Crane Runway Installation at Aircraft Manufacturing Hangar

Crane and Hoist Installation at Aircraft Hangar

HSI Shop